Lenbrook residents enjoy the courtyard.

Inspirement living at Lenbrook.

A lifestyle custom-designed to enhance your health, wealth and spirit.

Living at Lenbrook is exciting. Vibrant! Versatile. Everything about this community was designed to inspire community interaction and encourage residents’ dynamic and unique ways of living. The wellness program facilitates a healthy outlook with support in nutrition, fitness and exercise for both mind and body. Wellness at Lenbrook is always evolving and adapting to the aspirations of the people who call this home. 

Lenbrook services and amenities are designed for comfort, pleasure and security. Like your choice of three restaurants that provide a variety of menus and atmosphere–from casual to formal and in-between. The community activities are not only appealing, they enrich one’s spirit and life. But for the most telling expression of the Lenbrook lifestyle, read the testimonials of people who live here.

And, if there’s anything missing, the team at Lenbrook wants to know! They actively solicit resident concerns and respond promptly. Responsiveness is a crucial ingredient for creating a made-to-order Inspirement lifestyle.

Here's a healthy look at what Atlanta's only accredited CCRC can do for you!

Watch this short video and see Inspirement brought to life through the words and activities of Lenbrook residents.